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Education & Insights

Your finances can be confusing and complex. But we have the answers. We built this Education and Insights Center to make it easy to access the information you need to power your dreams.


shutterstock_165823109png June

While social media is one of the best ways to connect with customers and potential customers, it could be a bit overwhelming to stay active, gain...

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Advice For Business Continuity December

A Business Continuity Plan You Can Be Grateful For. Because we’re grateful for you, our readers, we have prepared a guide to help you put a...

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Positive Pay - Prevent Check Fraud November

When It Comes to Check Fraud, Think Positive (Pay). Often combined with reconcilement services, Positive Pay is a check fraud detection service...

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Remote Deposit Capture - Online Banking October

The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide to Remote Deposit Capture. If shuffling hordes of brain-munching zombies are the future, we asked...

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Online Banking - Cash Management - ACH Services October

Authentication Tools for Business eBanking: the Good, the Bad, the Necessary. It may seem tedious, but verifying your identity when banking...

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cat burglar October

4 Things Every Good Cat Burglar Knows about Online Security for Business. Bank fraud. It’s real. It’s pernicious. It could happen to you. You...

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Online Banking - Lockbox Services September

Don’t Throw Out the Key: The Lockbox is Still Relevant in a Paperless Society. The semi-mythical “paperless society” we’ve been breathlessly...

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Health Care - Cash Management Services September

Health Care EFT Mandate. Going Paperless: What the Health Care industry needs to know about the EFT Mandate

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Fraud Protection - Protect Your Business May

Fraud Protection: What You Need to Know. Undetected fraud can cost businesses time, money, and in some cases, their reputation. It can threaten...

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