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Whenever you need additional capital, we can help you with a selection of short- or long-term commercial loan options that meet your needs. Our skilled, experienced bankers are committed to helping you finance your business with commercial loans that allow your business to thrive, including lines of credit, acquisition financing and term loans.

Cash flow, working capital, wiggle room…

The perennial thorn in every business owner’s side. Inevitably, you will have short or long-term borrowing needs. And when you do, we’ll be there to cover the gap—like welcome rain during a drought—with competitive fixed or floating interest rates and flexible repayment terms. To handle your needs more efficiently, Provident created two commercial loan groups.

Commercial Lines of Credit

Every business experiences interruptions in cash flow. A line of credit gives you ready access to cash when you need it—to maintain operations, compensate for short falls and seasonal changes, and, on a larger, longer-term scale, to expand into new markets. Lines of credit may also be used as overdraft protection from $5,000 to $10,000 when linked to your Provident business checking account.

Term Loans

Flexible, individually-tailored term commercial loans can help finance capital expenditures— like new or used equipment, vehicles, real estate, or leasehold improvements—and consolidate debt without putting a chokehold on cash flow.  

Owner-Occupied Commercial Mortgages

Renting is like watching your money march straight out the door. Build equity, improve your bottom line, and solidify your reputation by buying or refinancing the building.

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