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Happy International Friendship Day! The U.N. General Assembly created this day with the idea that friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities. Provident Bank expresses its gratitude and appreciation of our diverse team of employees, customers and communities. Today, make sure you show your appreciation to the friends that you can always count on!


For businesses with special credit needs, an SBA Loan can help you start, purchase or grow your business.

Provident is a SBA Preferred Lender – which means we can approve your small business loan application directly, without waiting for approval from the Small Business Administration.

Quick Approval of SBA Loans

At Provident Bank, our SBA Loans offer flexible qualification requirements, long repayment terms up to 25 years, and high borrowing limits—from $200,000 to $5 million. As an SBA Preferred Lender, we can directly approve your loan application without waiting for the Small Business Administration’s decision. This streamlined application process will get you the money you need faster!