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In observance of Martin Luther King Day, all Provident Bank branches will be closed on Monday, January 18, 2021. Online access to your account(s) will not be affected. Normal banking hours will resume the following business day.


Provident Bank is excited to be partnering with Heartland to help you more simply manage and grow your business. Access to Heartland’s comprehensive set of technology solutions enables you to streamline your operations and administrative requirements, so you have more time to focus on customers.

Heartland Payroll Processing is flexible and easy-to-use to accommodate all of your payroll needs, avoid errors and eliminate confusion. The solution significantly reduces the time you spend on payroll so you have more bandwidth to market your business, serve customers, and grow revenue.


  • Flexible and Easy-to-Use: You set pay schedules according to your requirements. Confirm payroll data with a single dashboard view you can access anytime, anywhere. 
  • Reduces Expenses: Spend less time manually entering data and improve accuracy. Reduces physical pay statements and delivery expenses. 
  • Keep You Compliant: Ensures you properly handle overtime, tips, deductions, taxes and more to comply with local, state and federal requirements. 
  • Confidently Process Payroll: Data from onboarding, time and attendance and benefits administration can be fed to Heartland Payroll to ensure accuracy. 


Payment Processing 

  • Payment Options: Automatically calculates how much your employees should be paid each pay period by considering hourly rates and salaries, overtime, payroll funds into employee's accounts or onto a prepaid paycard, and automatically sends and email notification to employees when they can view their pay information. A dashboard makes it easy to get important data - such as upcoming check dates and the cash you'll need to have on hand for your next payroll.

Payroll Taxes

  • Compliance and Payments: Automatically calculates, files and pays your payroll taxes to the appropriate agencies, saving you time and helping reduce the risk of penalties for late payments. You can rest easy knowing your federal, state and local payroll taxes are automatically and accurately submitted on your behalf. 


  • Additional Services: Securely provide data in support of Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance, as well as 401(k) workers' compensation and more.