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ACH is a more convenient, secure, and low cost way to move money. The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a nationwide system that processes large volumes of electronic credit and debit transactions and provides for the exchange of information among financial institutions. Because it eliminates the cost and time associated with paper checks, ACH services can help improve your business' cash flow payments, whether you're issuing or receiving a large number of checks, making payments, or processing payroll.

The New Way to Pay

You can pay vendors, suppliers, government taxes and employees - all while reaping the benefits:

  • Improved cash flow due to expedited funds availability for ACH disbursements

  • Predict settlements more accurately

  • Schedule payments

  • Reduce check printing costs and mailing

  • Simplify payment processing


Create your ACH debit or credit transactions via ProvidentConnect for Business, our comprehensive Online Banking Module, or upload a NACHA-formatted file through our secure server. 

ProvidentConnect for Business provides you with the tools you need to control your payment processing - all in one place. Initiate and manage ACH transactions, receive confirmation reports for reconcilement and review detailed account activity history.

ACH Services Can Work For You*

ACH is ideal for a number of common transactions:


  • Pre-Authorized Collections: Provident's ACH Debit Origination Services enable you to debit business or consumer accounts on the effective date for recurring payments, invoices and dues. Prior written consent must be obtained from consumers for this type of transaction.
  • Cash Concentration: Consolidate funds from multiple locations, including retail outlet deposits and maturing investments. ACH debits are created to transfer funds from your outlying accounts to your concentration account at Provident Bank.


  • Direct Deposit: This service permits you to automatically deposit funds into your employees' bank accounts for recurring payroll. You may also use the ACH network for employee expense reimbursement, bonuses, commissions, pension or annuity payments, shareholder dividends, etc.
  • Vendor Payments: Allows you to settle payables using ACH credits.

Convenience. Certainty. Cost Savings.

Take advantage of one of the largest electronic transaction networks in the U.S. and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your financial transactions are fast, safe and easy.


*Subject to additional terms and conditions and/or fees.

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