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Apple PayTM

Available for Provident Debit MasterCard® users!

Make purchases without:

  • Searching through your wallet or purse to find your card
  • Swiping your card
  • Sharing your card information with merchants

How do I get started?

Using Apple Pay is easy! Simply download the latest update for iOS8. There are no additional apps necessary!

Once you have download the latest iOS, all that’s left to do is:

  • Add your Provident Bank card to Wallet®. You can take a picture of the card with your mobile device, or enter the information manually.
  • Then, start shopping! Use the Touch IDTM feature on your device to authenticate purchases.

Where will Apple Pay work?

You can use Apple Pay at over a million stores, including national restaurants and retailers.

Check out where you can start shopping with Apple Pay!

Which devices can I use with Apply Pay?

iPhone® 6, iPhone® 6 Plus, iPad® Air 2, and iPad® mini 3 running iOS8.1 or later. 

Apple Pay has enhanced security features designed to make payments more secure:

  • No debit card information is shared with the merchant
  • Transaction information is not stored by Apple