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For more than 180 years, Provident Bank has served individuals, families, and businesses in our local communities with personal and business banking services. And we’re proud of that.

You are our commitment. That’s why we strive to deliver a mix of innovative services, social impact, and real connection to simplify your life and power your dreams—always with commitment you can count on.


Provident Bank is committed to fostering a culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). Our goal is to raise awareness of important holidays through internal and external communications and social media.

Please visit our Diversity Calendar for a list of holidays and events we are proud to recognize and support.


A lot has happened since 1839…Check out our moving timeline below to see where we came from and discover the milestones that made us who we are.

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Dudley Gregory - First President of Provident Bank in Jersey City
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Dudley Gregory, first active president and first mayor of Jersey City, is born.

Savings Bank New Jersey
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At Dave Smith’s store, town leaders decide Jersey City needs a savings bank 

Provident Institution for Savings - First Savings Bank IN NJ
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Provident Institution for Savings in Jersey City is established as state’s first mutual savings bank 

Delayed Bank Opening - 1939
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Widespread distrust of banks following the Panic of 1837 delays bank opening.

Provident Bank At Temperance Hall - 200 Accounts Opened First Year
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Bank opens for business at Temperance Hall. 200 accounts opened first year. 

Provident Bank Assets
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Provident has $3.5 million in assets 

Provident Bank Main Office In Jersey City - 1890
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Builds Main Office at 239 Washington Street, rents ground floor to Jersey City Library 

Provident Bank Assets In 1910
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Provident has $16 million in assets 

First Branch Office - Provident Bank - 1928
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First branch office opens at 533 Bergen Avenue, Jersey City

New Branch Of Provident Bank In Lafayette - Jersey City
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New branch opens in Lafayette section of Jersey City 

Provident Bank New Branch - Greenville Jersey City
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New branch opens in Greenville section of Jersey City 

New Branch In Heights Section - Provident Bank - Jersey City NJ
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New branch opens in Heights section of Jersey City 

Bergen Journal Square Office- Provident Bank NJ
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Opening of the Bergen-Journal Square office brings total offices to six 

Kenneth Albers Joined Provident Bank - Future Chairman
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Future Chairman Kenneth Albers joins Provident Bank as a Vice President. Provident now has six branches and $182 million in assets.

Provident Bank Expansion - West New York
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Expansion beyond Jersey City begins with West New York at 55th Street office 

Merger with First National Bank of Dunellen
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Provident merges with First National Bank of Dunellen.

Bloomfield Savings Bank Merged With Provident
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Bloomfield Savings Bank merges with Provident

Paul M Pantozzi - Provident Bank President 1989
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Paul M. Pantozzi becomes President – 34 branches - $1.4 billion in assets 

Paul M Pantozzi Elected Chairman - 1998
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Paul M. Pantozzi elected Chairman 

Provident Financial Services Inc - Publicly Held Company
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Converts to a publicly held company Provident Financial Services, Inc. 

The Provident Bank Foundation Established
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The Provident Bank Foundation is established 

Provident Merges with First Savings Bank - Chris Martin Became President
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Provident merges with First Savings Bank, Chris Martin becomes President

Provident Merges with First Morris Bank & Trust
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Provident Merges with First Morris Bank & Trust

Chris Martin Elected Chairman - 2010
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Chris Martin elected Chairman 

Provident Bank Assets - 7 Billion
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Provident reports $7.1 billion in assets

Acquired Beacon Trust Company -  Expand  Wealth Management Business
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Provident acquires Beacon Trust Company & expands its wealth management business throughout the state.

Team Capital Merger - Expand Into PA
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Provident completes merger with Team Capital and expands into Pennsylvania, expanding, for the first time, outside of New Jersey.

175 Years Of Business - 77 Branches In NJ - 2014
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Provident celebrates 175 years with $7.5 billion in assets & 77 branches throughout NJ.

Merger with SB One Bank
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Provident completes merger with SB One and further expands in Sussex County and into Astoria, New York.

SB One Insurance
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The merger with SB One Bank includes the addition of SB One Insurance Agency. SB One Insurance is added to Provident's suite of services as a subsidiary of Provident Bank.

At Provident Bank, commitment to our customers has been our promise since we opened our doors. It seems almost impossible now, but we had humble beginnings in a one room office in Jersey City, NJ, where our first day’s deposits totaled just $227. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to serving the financial needs of our customers for more than 180 years.

Very few banks can say they’ve been around quite as long, but Provident survived the Civil War and two World Wars. And we didn’t just survive. We came out the other side stronger than before.

Through strategic mergers, we’ve grown from a community savings bank to a major financial institution, expanding our service area, increasing our market share, and adding talented people to our staff. We listen to our customers, investing in innovation to address their ever-evolving needs.

In 2003, we established the Provident Bank Foundation to give back to our local communities. In 2011, we acquired Beacon Trust to help customers attain, preserve, and expand their assets. But amidst the change, there’s been one constant: Commitment you can count on.

Chris Martin

The Provident Story: Change. Community. Commitment.

I don’t want to write to you about Provident’s big bank capabilities and suite of services that can power you forward. We have them, certainly, but they’re not what make this bank special. Not really. What you’ll come to know us by is our commitment. It’s not just a tagline. It’s who we are. It’s what we do. And we’re proud of it.

Provident has a more than 175-year history of commitment to our customers, communities, and employees. We’ve served generations of New Jersey individuals, families, and businesses, and we look forward to continue serving generations of New Jersey and Pennsylvania customers.

Our team consistently engages with our clients, going all in, investing in innovation, attempting to meet and exceed every expectation. We believe in meeting the customers where they are, as they are—whether it’s in person, online, over the phone, via digital banking technology, or on social media.

Involvement with the community and those in need is also fundamental at Provident. Investing in the growth and opportunities in every one of our markets is what we are about. Our staff and board get involved—not because it is good for business… but because it’s just good. We believe in volunteering, making an impact, leaving the world just a little bit better than we found it. And we don’t hesitate to celebrate the accomplishments of our employees, customers, and community members—because it energizes all parties.

While we know you have myriad choices in banking and wealth management, I hope the opportunity to engage with us will convince you that we are the ones to partner with. For you, for your financial future, come experience commitment you can count on.

Chris Martin
Executive Chairman


Provident Bank is committed to providing the highest quality financial services and products to the communities we serve. We value personal and professional integrity in the workplace and strive to create a cooperative working environment that encourages all employees to reach their full potential. We provide a range of programs and initiatives to support continuous growth and professional development.

We also offer competitive compensation and benefits including undergraduate tuition disbursement, medical, dental, life, and disability insurance, paid-time-off, a 401(k) Plan, an Employee Stock Ownership Plan for full-time employees, and a wide array of benefits for part-time employees

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