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Customer Spotlight: Denholtz Properties


March 02, 2020

Customer Spotlight: Denholtz Properties

David Cassidy, owner, Denholtz Properties

Denholtz Properties is a 67-year-old privately held commercial real estate company headquartered in Red Bank, New Jersey. Keith Buscio, Director of Public Relations, Provident Bank, sat down with Steve Cassidy, President, Denholtz Properties, to learn a little bit more about the company’s success and how Provident has helped Denholtz Properties along the way.

KB: Tell us about Denholtz Properties

SC: Denholtz Properties is a sponsor of commercial real estate properties in central Florida and central New Jersey.

KB: What challenges did you encounter that Provident Bank was able to help you with?

SC: Several years ago, we decided to move our corporate headquarters to Red Bank, but we also had other aspirations. We wanted to build a 57-unit apartment complex at the nearby train station. That process involved several different laws, going through the town for zoning, buying the building, and so forth. We had gone to Provident and asked them to help us with this process. Provident committed and has been with us every step of the way.

KB: How did Provident Bank demonstrate its brand promise of “Commitment You Can Count On” to help overcome these challenges and enable you to succeed?

SC: As we decided to move our headquarters, we went to Provident and asked for and received a meeting with executive management. We laid out our plans for a very large project, including moving to Red Bank. They listened and understood what we were trying to accomplish and why it was important to us. We left the meeting with a promise that they would be there with us and to date they have been. 

KB: How do you perceive your bank as a partner in your business?  How important is a relationship with a bank?

SC: Denholtz Properties considers our banking relationship with Provident the cornerstone of our business. We look at Provident Bank as a leader amongst others, not only for our day-to-day banking needs, loaning us money to be the fuel to run our projects, but also for advice. They give us insight as to the market accessibility and the whole business community. It's really helpful to understand not only commercial real estate, but all of the businesses that are run by the tenants in our space.

KB: What advice would you give to entrepreneurs looking to make the leap to start or expand their business?

SC: Surrounding yourself with the right professionals, including accountants, lawyers, and of course, bankers, is paramount to success. Provident Bank will be a great place to start. 

David Cassidy, owner, Denholtz Properties

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David Cassidy, owner, Denholtz Properties

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