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An Introduction to ‘Safeguarding Your Business’


May 16, 2014

An Introduction to ‘Safeguarding Your Business’

Safeguard Your Business

We get it. Being a small to medium-sized business owner is rewarding. In our estimation, you embody everything entrepreneurs stand for: you’re hard working, free-thinking, not afraid to fail. You belong to an elite group and vibrant community that supports and uplifts its members. 

But the job is hard too, isn’t it? In our frequent interaction with business owners, one theme prevails; you tell us over and over again how you’re forced to go on the defensive. In today’s turbulent business environment, small business has become synonymous with defense: defense against ubiquitous internal and external security threats.

But if you’re expending all of your time and energy managing threats, how can you be expected to concentrate on actually running your business, let alone think about big-picture considerations, like road-mapping and expansion? Without the seemingly infinite resources of a much larger corporation, you just can’t.

That’s where we come in. We can help safeguard your business - and give you your time back. Although we can’t eliminate those very real risks, we can mitigate them, identifying serious problems before they happen.

All you have to do is check back next week for the first installment of our brand new 7-part series: “Safeguarding Your Business,” which details exactly how you can protect your organization from:

Brand/Reputational Risk: Target’s bulls-eye logo has taken on a whole new meaning after the company was targeted in a hacker attack in December, 2013. In the wake of the catastrophic customer data breach and the replacement of CEO Gregg Steinhafel, Target’s brand is suffering mightily, foot traffic to its stores has decreased, and its stock has fallen precipitously. We’ll suggest ways you can protect your brand and help prevent you from becoming the next Target.

Identity Theft: Identity theft is terrifying, but very real. And very destructive. Just because you’re a little fish in a big pond, does not mean it couldn’t happen to you. In fact, because your small business doesn’t possess the extensive technology and security protocols of large corporations, you may be more susceptible to thieves. We’ll help ensure that you don’t become one of the approximately 15 million victims who fall prey to identity theft in the U.S. annually.  

Credit Card Fraud: According to the Nilson Report released in March, the U.S. accounts for about 47% of global credit card fraud with gross losses totaling $11.27 billion in 2012. This article discusses how to prevent fraudsters’ tricks, including skimming.

Check Fraud: Despite the decline in total check volume, fiscal loss from check fraud continues to climb. A staggering average of 1.2 million fraudulent checks enter the system every day and losses are growing 2.5% annually (American Bankers Association). That’s why we’ll explore Positive Pay, the foundation of every successful check fraud prevention program.     

Data Security Breaches: By now, we all know how to secure our passwords. But do you have a real understanding of how to secure your administrative users’ computers, your wireless network, your email service, your online transactions, etc.? You can find out here. 

Lack of Resources: When it comes to technology, time, and personnel, small businesses just don’t have the same resources as large organizations. We’ll give you tips on making the most out of what you have and being industrious and resourceful. We’ll explain, too, how to identify those areas that are crucial to your business’s basic operations.    

Environmental Crises: Most scientists agree that adverse weather patterns, like Hurricane Sandy, are becoming more commonplace—and many business owners are taking the hit. Of course, you can’t prevent environmental disaster, but you can employ a comprehensive business continuity plan that will save you time and money, minimize the consequences of crisis, and, ultimately, render your business stronger and more resilient. This article will tell you how.      

Stay Tuned. Invite Your Friends!

You’re probably tired of coping with prolific threats, of struggling to rise above the day-to-day tedium so you can just…take a breath… and think about long-term strategy. We know how you feel. The good news is that we’re committed to empowering you, to letting you start to play a little offense instead of constant defense. Suit up your point guard and let him off the bench. And come back every week for a new installment of Safeguarding Your Business!

Oh, one more thing. If you know other small to medium-sized business owners who are stuck on the defensive end of the court, consider sharing this series with them.  You might even go one step further. If you find our content and discussions valuable and pertinent, invite your connections to join our forum! Hey, the more the merrier.

Safeguard Your Business

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Safeguard Your Business

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