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What is phishing? Phishing is when a fraudster pretends to be someone you trust to steal information from you.

3 Things to know about phishing

  • A fraudster often use tax season, holidays, and unexpected events to target individuals.
  • Fraudsters will appeal to your best intentions and worst fears. In some cases pretending to be charities or lying about a family member’s health.
  • Phishing attempts do not just stop at people, fraudsters can also target companies and organizations.

5 Ways to spot a phishing email

  • The email shows a sense of emergency in attempt to make one click without thinking.
  • Claims there is a problem with an account or payment information.
  • May have a generic greeting such as “Hello” or “Dearest friend”.
  • Asks to make a payment or includes a fake invoice.
  • The email is poorly written and/or the email address does not look legitimate.

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