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Happy International Friendship Day! The U.N. General Assembly created this day with the idea that friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities. Provident Bank expresses its gratitude and appreciation of our diverse team of employees, customers and communities. Today, make sure you show your appreciation to the friends that you can always count on!


What is phishing? Phishing is when a fraudster pretends to be someone you trust to steal information from you.

3 Things to know about phishing

  • A fraudster often use tax season, holidays, and unexpected events to target individuals.
  • Fraudsters will appeal to your best intentions and worst fears. In some cases pretending to be charities or lying about a family member’s health.
  • Phishing attempts do not just stop at people, fraudsters can also target companies and organizations.

5 Ways to spot a phishing email

  • The email shows a sense of emergency in attempt to make one click without thinking.
  • Claims there is a problem with an account or payment information.
  • May have a generic greeting such as “Hello” or “Dearest friend”.
  • Asks to make a payment or includes a fake invoice.
  • The email is poorly written and/or the email address does not look legitimate.

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