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Personal Data Security

In today’s digital world, it has become essential to protect the growing amount of personal information on our laptops, computers, tablets, doorbells, and TVs; among other internet devices. To help minimize risks in your life, make sure you are taking the proper steps to ensure the best possible protection for your information.

Secure Your Personal Devices

  • Manage and Maintain Passwords: Passwords should be updated every three months or as requested, using longer and more complex combinations of letters/numbers/symbols. Choose a different password for every account and use a trusted Password Manager to safely store and generate new secure passwords.
  • Secure Your Network: Change the name and default password on your home router by following the instructions on the bottom of the device. Ensure you enable firewall protection on your router as well. In most routers, this is a built-in function.
  • Backup Your Data: Storing copies of your pictures, documents, and other valuable files on an external hard drive is the best way to prevent loss of data in the event of a virus or attack on your computer. Most hard drives can also be configured with a password to protect your backup.

 Keep Your Applications Up to Date

  • Enable Multifactor Authentication: Multi-step login processes which involve a confirmation link, digital token, or one-time PIN number should be utilized whenever available. This extra step makes it much harder for a hacker to gain access to a user account.
  • Install Software Updates: Never set and forget! Regularly updating your device’s software is the best way to maintain the highest strength and security on your personal devices.
  • Don’t Get Phished: Be wary of emails or messages from unknown senders. Attackers often hide malware and viruses in fake emails disguised as a message from your bank or internet provider. Don’t open any links or attachments without first confirming who sent it.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

The more you understand about your devices and online security, the more prepared you will be when a threat does appear. Visit our Security Center for insights into how we keep your investments and data safe. Protecting your data starts with you, and so we thank you for being a good Provident Cyber Citizen!

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