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Overdraft Protection

At Provident Bank we encourage you to manage both your checking account and your personal finances in a responsible manner. We also understand that there are times when the unexpected occurs or unforeseen problems leave you short of cash in your checking account. 

That’s why we extend Overdraft PrivilegeSM to our valued checking customers. Overdraft Privilege (ODP) provides for the discretionary payment by Provident Bank of overdrafts on your eligible account. The amount of overdraft coverage available through our ODP Service is based on your specific account activity and is subject to change periodically. Upon the payment of a check or honoring of an electronic fund transfer request, an ATM withdrawal, or a point-of-sale/debit card purchase where the actual funds on deposit are less than each check, transfer, withdrawal or transaction amount, the Bank will charge its standard overdraft fee (please refer to Provident Bank’s Personal Accounts and Service Fees for the exact overdraft fee amount).1

For information on how to opt-in to Overdraft Protection, please visit your local branch or call our Customer Care Center at 800.448.7768, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. and Saturday, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.


1Provident Bank will not authorize the payment of overdrafts caused by ATM withdrawals/transfers and one-time debit card transactions unless you specifically authorize us to do so by opting into Overdraft Privilege. To opt-in to Overdraft Privilege for these transactions (and any other transactions) simply familiarize yourself with the information in this document, read the disclosure contained on the last page, and contact your branch or our Customer Contact Center at 800.448.7768 to opt-in.

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