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Customer Spotlight: Denville Dairy


July 01, 2020

Customer Spotlight: Denville Dairy

Denville Dairy Ice Cream Shop

Denville Dairy is a premium ice cream store located in Denville, New Jersey. Keith Buscio, Director of Public Relations, Provident Bank, spoke with Patrick Fine, part owner of Denville Dairy, to learn a little bit more about the company’s success and how Provident has helped Denville Dairy along the way.

KB: Tell us about Denville Dairy

PF: Denville Dairy is a family run, second generation, retail ice cream establishment that has been in business for more than fifty years.  We pride ourselves in making the best possible homemade premium hard ice cream, sherbet and Italian ices.  All ice cream is made on the premises.

KB: Tell us about the relationship Denville Dairy has with Provident Bank

PF: Denville Dairy has been a customer of Provident Bank since before First Morris Bank was acquired. From then on, Greg Dittrich and the Provident team have maintained a professional and personal relationship, providing commitment to me and to my business. We are always treated like royalty by the Denville branch. As great customer service is given when it is expected, Provident Bank goes beyond our expectations. They pick up the phone and give us a call when funds reach a certain threshold, so we can come into the branch and make a deposit.  When there is a promotion, a Provident team member will give us a call as well.

KB: How does Provident Bank demonstrate its brand promise of “Commitment You Can Count On”?

PF: We are a business that requires one dollar bills, as we make a lot of change in our store. The Denville branch always prepares our singles in stacks of 25, when singles usually come in stacks of 100. The stacks of 25 are easier for us to handle. Additionally, when bank documents need to be updated and require a signature, a Provident team member from the Denville branch will walk those documents over to us to sign. These are just a few examples of how Provident has gone above and beyond and shown us their commitment to our business.

KB: What advice would you give to entrepreneurs looking to make the leap to start or expand their business?

PF: Being an entrepreneur requires many hours just to start up a business. Then, you need to continue to put in those hours in order to keep your business going. The last thing you want to worry about is your bank. Find yourself a bank that provides excellent customer service, as well as that personal relationship. Provident has been that bank for us.

At Provident, we realize that every stage in your business’s life cycle has its own set of challenges. That’s why, no matter what stage or phase your business is in, we have something designed specifically for your moment. With our products, you can manage your finances, cut costs, earn interest, improve cash flow, and grow your business. For more information on Provident’s business services, visit our business planning page.   

Denville Dairy Ice Cream Shop

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Denville Dairy Ice Cream Shop

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Denville Dairy Ice Cream Shop

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