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Meet Your Treasury Management Officer

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Corinne Kison

Corinne Kison Languages: English


Corinne graduated from the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Prior to moving to America, she began her career in banking with Barclays Bank, LLC, where she held the position of foreign currency exchange trader. Corinne and her family moved to the United States more than 30 years ago. Prior to joining Provident Bank, Corinne held various positions of increasing responsibility with Bank of America, TD Bank, and Citizens Bank.

Corrine’s treasury management experience began at TD Bank more than 15 years ago. This opportunity allowed her to transition from sales roles to treasury management implementation and support positions.  Corrine joined Provident Bank in 2016, as Treasury Management Client Support Manager. In this role, Corinne works as the intermediary between the sales team and operations and continues to lead the treasury management support department, while providing exceptional customer service to business customers.

Corinne’s role continues to evolve at Provident Bank.  She excels in collaborating with colleagues on developing new ways to improve processes, strengthening relationships with business partners, and fully embracing the tasks at hand.

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