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With Provident Bank’s treasury management services, run your business more efficiently, more profitably, and with more cash flow management control. When it comes to information reporting, collection of payables, disbursements, and fraud prevention tools, intelligent cash management solutions can help you get ahead of the competition and concentrate on what you do best – operating and expanding your business.

Provident Treasury Management works to improve your money management in these key areas:

Payment fraud cases affect nearly seventy-one percent of businesses and cause significant setbacks.   Business Email Compromise (BEC) is the prime method used by criminals to defraud companies.  They disguise as staff members or vendors requesting you to help them attempt fraud. (2023 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey)

Provident Bank is committed to safeguard our customers’ assets by offering Fraud Prevention tools that will protect your accounts by detecting fraudulent activity before the damage is done.


ACH Positive Pay

Perpetrators underlying pursuit to scam organizations and infiltrate their systems will always be a major challenge for everyone. Provident is equipped to protect your account from unauthorized transactions by allowing an Online Banking Administrator to create payment rules listing only authorized companies to debit the account and make pay/not pay decisions on ACH debits. 


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Check Positive Pay

Examines key fields of the check when it is presented to the bank and it compared to the information provided by you. 

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Universal Payment Identification Code (UPIC)

Using a UPIC in place of account numbers for ACH payment transactions reduce the risk of unauthorized ACH credits on corporate accounts. A UPIC can be published as part of the organization’s electronic (ACH) payment instructions on websites and invoices without exposing actual banking information.

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With your days so busy and life so full, you need a bank that can keep up with the lightning pace of change. At Provident, banking revolves around you.  Our digital banking technology is fast, secure, and convenient. With all you’ve got going on, you need to be able to bank whenever, wherever – on your schedule, not ours.

ProvidentConnect for Business

Secure and user-friendly online platform to help with all of your information reporting needs.

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Mobile Banking for Business

View account activity and approve payments from your smart phone or tablet.

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EDI Reporting

Receive ACH remittance details to improve transaction postings.

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Web CD

Extended retention of account information.

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Maximize your funds and minimize interest payments so that you can make smarter decisions for the business. 

Credit Sweep

Automate the movement of excess funds between your checking account and line of credit to minimize your interest expense.

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Tiered Investment Sweep

Link your checking and investment accounts to provide added security and maximize your interest earned.

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Zero Balance Account

Automatically fund disbursement accounts or aggregate deposits into a single account.

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Link multiple client accounts to a single master account for secure and detailed escrow fund management.

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Streamline and manage your cash flow with payables solutions.  Take control of your funds with increased visibility and efficiency.

ACH Credit Origination

Send electronic payments to employees and vendors to reduce cost and save time.

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Business Bill Pay

Initiate electronic payments to established vendors. 

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Controlled Disbursement Account

Improve cash forecasting through intraday notification of your check clearing totals.

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Purchasing Card

Your powerful and flexible one-card solution for Travel & Entertainment and Purchasing. 

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Wire Transfer

Fast and secure electronic transfers can be sent conveniently via ProvidentConnect for Business.

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Accelerate your receivables. Our deposit options help streamline collections more efficiently and gain ease in tracking your receivables.

ACH Debit Origination

Electronically debit your clients as an added convenience while improving cash forecasting.

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Cash Vault

Safeguard your employees and your deposits using an armored carrier. Cash Vault allows for making deposits as well as ordering coin and currency from your office. 

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Let Provident collect your checks from a secure P.O. Box and make the deposits for you. Detailed deposit reports with images are made available daily.

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Remote Deposit Capture

Simply scan and deposit checks electronically from the convenience of your office, allowing you to reduce expenses, improve cash flow, and eliminate trips to the bank.

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