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At Provident Bank, we do more than just offer quality accounts and services; we take pride in building strong relationships with our customers, giving them the positive experience they'll want to share with others. And if you pass it on and introduce new clients to Provident, we want to thank you!


The Refer-A-Friend program rewards you and your friend, family member, or colleague with a $50 cash bonus if they open and maintain a new business checking account. 

3 Steps to a Reward!

1. Print a Referral Rewards form or pick one up at your local Provident branch
2. Give it to a friend, family member, or colleague
3. When your friend, family member, or colleague opens a new business account with us, we will credit your account and theirs with $50!

It pays to pay it forward!

To initiate the Referral Rewards Program, referred customer must present the Referral Rewards Program (“Program”) form at account opening. Participants must be at least 18 years old. Cash bonus will be credited to the account at the end of the third statement period. Cash bonus payments subject to IRS tax reporting requirements. Program subject to change/cancellation at any time without notice. We reserve the right to disqualify any referrals that we believe were not made in good faith. Employees of Provident Bank and its subsidiaries, members of their families and suppliers of Provident Bank are not eligible to participate. Loan customers without a deposit account are not eligible for this promotion. Existing Customer Cash Bonus Eligibility: Existing customer must (a) have a personal or business checking, savings and/or money market account AND (b) have a positive balance for 60 days following the referred account opening to be eligible. Existing customers can receive up to 20 rewards per calendar year. Existing customer will receive cash bonus reward into their Provident checking or savings account only after the new customer has met at least one of the qualification requirements. The existing customer’s account cannot be opened on the same day as new customer’s account. New Customer Cash Bonus Eligibility: Participation in the Program not permitted if new customer was a signer on a Provident checking account that closed within 3 months prior to date of new account opening. New checking account customer (a) cannot be a current Provident customer, (b) cannot have any joint accounts with the existing customer, (c) must have a valid email address, (d)must have a positive balance (no overdrafts allowed) AND (e) meet one of the following requirements within 60 days following account opening to be eligible: have at least 1 deposit into the new checking account; OR complete 3 POS purchases with the Provident Debit Mastercard® associated with the new account.