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Ecommerce Fraud

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February 19, 2021

As you are most likely aware, the pandemic has caused many customers like you to utilize online payment systems and transfers applications to conduct your day-to-day banking and shopping, or to pay bills or friends.  Unfortunately, this increase in Ecommerce has also created a perfect opportunity for criminals to spoof information belonging to legitimate companies and to send text messages or emails in an attempt to gain access to your accounts. 

While protecting you, your bank accounts and your personal information is a joint responsibility between you and Provident Bank, we again want to take the time to educate you on recent scams so that we can continue to keep your finances safe.  Currently, the “hot scams” include:

  • Spoofed Phone Numbers: Scammers may "spoof" a phone number so that a text or call appears to be coming from Provident Bank. If you aren't expecting to be contacted or if you don't recognize the voice, hang up and call your local branch or our Customer Care Center.  Use contact information you already have on file or from our website.  DO NOT press the numbers as directed by the caller or in the message.
  • Phishing Emails and Texts: These messages are intended to look like they are from someone you know, including Provident Bank and other well-known companies.  Often, the message states that something is wrong with your account, asks you to confirm personal information, or make a payment.  If you think you may have received a phishing email or text don't respond or click any links.  Delete the message right away and contact Provident Bank.


  • Provident Bank will never ask you for your personal information over the phone, via text or email.  This includes account numbers, Social Security numbers, Online and Mobile Banking credentials or debit card PINs  Also, we will never ask you to grant us access to your computer, online banking system or accounts.  If you are ever unsure about an email, text message or phone call that you were not expecting, immediately close the text message or email and/or hang up the phone AND contact Provident Bank directly at 800.448.7768.
  • Reputable companies like Amazon, PayPal, Microsoft, as well as government agencies like the IRS,  will never ask you to pay your bill or for service in cash, by gift card or via Zelle, Cash App or other money transfer service.  You should only transfer money from your Provident account via Zelle® to persons you know and have met in person.