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ProvidentConnect for Business is the smart solution for smart professionals. A comprehensive banking tool for managing all aspects of your business accounts, it makes commercial online banking easy. Its robust functionality allows you to monitor your daily cash position, generate reports for projecting cash flow, and make borrowing and investing decisions whenever and wherever you have an Internet connection.

ProvidentConnect is a secure environment with multi-layered protocols to protect your data for all transactions. You can access multiple accounts in one session and even designate authorized users with prescribed access privileges for account viewing and management.

ProvidentConnect for Business  

Everything You Need

With ProvidentConnect's host of features, you can become your own chess master, with the control, big-picture perspective, flexibility, and insight to manage all the little pieces of your business:

Account Viewing:

  • View business checking, savings, loan, and escrow accounts of multiple related business entities in a single session
  • Use the dashboard from your welcome page to seamlessly navigate popular functions and find information
  • Access check images and electronic statements

Transaction Reporting:  

  • View up to 180 days of posted transactions as well as same-day transactions 
  • Receive detailed wire and ACH transaction reports 
  • Access, save, or print 24 months of regular account statements and account analysis statements, if applicable
  • Export account data into Quicken® and/or Quickbooks® 

Payment Services:  

  • Employ multi-user, multi-account Business Bill Payment Service 
  • Send or collect funds through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination Service, including payroll, vendor collections, and cash concentration 
  • Initiate domestic or international wire transfers
  • Manage commercial credit lines
  • Place stop payments on checks

Enhanced Security:  

  • Use multi-layer, out of band authentication to access online banking
  • Employ an additional security device, which is required for high risk transactions 
  • Access to Remote Deposit Capture through single sign-on
  • Prevent check fraud through Online Check Positive Pay
  • Receive transaction and balance alerts via email 

Deposit Escrow Sub-Accounting (DESA):  

Now available for attorneys, property managers, title companies, realtors, and housing authorities, DESA allows you to quickly access and print summary and detailed reports from your master escrow and sub-accounts - right from your computer, mobile device, or tablet. 

Get Started: 

Get ProvidentConnect. To learn more about ProvidentConnect for Business, as well as other treasury management services, please contact one of our treasury management officers! 

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