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I/We hereby elect to enroll in the travel and other discount services program offered by Generations Gold, Inc.

I/We understand that:

  • I/We will be enrolled in the GenGold® Program (the “Program”) for a 60-day free trial period and that I/we are entitled to only one (1) 60-day free trial period regardless of the number of accounts opened;
  • UNLESS I/we notify Provident Bank as outlined below that I/we wish to opt-out of the Program; at the conclusion of the 60-day free trial period, I/we will automatically be enrolled in the Program and continue to receive the benefits and services available through the Program;
  • After the 60-day free trial period, the monthly membership fee (currently $4.95) for participation in the Program will be automatically debited from my/our checking account referenced above;
  • I/We can opt-out of or cancel our participation in the Program at any time by:
    • Visiting any Provident branch;
    • Calling Customer Contact Center toll free at 800.448.7768. Customer Contact representatives are available Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., and from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays; or
    • Sending a secure message via ProvidentConnect Online Banking if I/we are an online banking customer(s). To use the secure messaging feature, sign into ProvidentConnect Online Banking, click “Customer Service” in the middle of the online banking screen, then click “Request and Message” to create a new message.
  • I/We understand that such cancellation will become effective as of the beginning of the next month enrollment period;
  • Provident Bank assumes no liability for any benefits or services contracted for through the Program or for any of the providers in fulfilling their obligations under the Program. All liabilities, claims, damages, and demands are the sole and direct responsibility of Generations Gold, Inc. and its independent service or benefit providers;
  • Discounts received through the Program may not be used in conjunction with any other discounts;
  • Not all benefits and services are available in all areas; and
  • Benefits and services available through the Program are subject to change without notice.

I/We hereby authorize Provident Bank to release any information deemed necessary for participation in the GenGold® Program 60-day free trial period. By signing this opt-in form, I/we agree (1) to the terms and conditions stated above, (2) to abide by any changes to the Program, and (3) to the extent that I/we find that such changes are not to our satisfaction or liking, to provide notice of the cancellation of our participation in the Program as detailed above.