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August 21, 2014

(Re) Meet Your Cash Management Team: Corinne Kison

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We’re continuing the (re)introduction of our cash management team members this week, because we think it’s important that you know the people behind the content.

Plus, just because you use cash management services every day doesn’t necessarily mean you fully grasp the foundational principles. These short but sweet interviews are our attempt at demystifying the most mystifying parts of cash management.

Second in command on our Provident team is Cash Management Analyst Corinne Kison. If you don’t know her, you should (seriously, go connect with her right now.) She is a brilliant, moral, and skilled business professional with the magical ability to see both the minute details and high-level strategy all at once. Like a laser-sighted eagle with an expansive view a thousand feet off the ground, nothing escapes her notice. The word visionary comes to mind.

Whether it’s due to her back-office training or three decades in banking, when it comes to cash management, Corinne gets it—the theory, the application, the ways it can improve the operation of her customers’ businesses.

Perhaps best of all, she is pure joy, bringing a light, excitement, and quick smile to her job that’s inspiring. This is Corinne in her own words (but she forgot to mention her frequent office dance parties).

Cash Management Team: How long have you been with Provident specifically and in the industry generally?

CK: September 2014 marks my 5th year at the Provident Bank, and I’ve been in banking for 30 years.

How did you get your start in cash management?

CK: I came to America in 1988 after working at an offshore bank in the Philippines for many years. Lacking U.S. work experience, I steadily worked my way up, surviving multiple mergers and acquisitions. Early in my career, I worked in back office operations, dealing specifically with exception processing (unposted items, overdrafts, and outgoing returned items). When that bank was acquired, my former manager recommended me for a position in cash management at another bank.

The manager took a chance and hired me despite my lack of experience. My primary responsibility there was conducting inside sales for Online Banking. I was on the phone every day calling existing and prospective customers and selling our Online Banking service. I exceeded my sales goal in the first year and before long was promoted to manage the Cash Management Implementations team. My manager was a great mentor. When she moved to a cash management department in another bank, she took me with her. We’ve since separated ways, but to this day, she remains one of my dearest mentors and friends.

Please briefly describe your position’s responsibilities.

CK: I am the primary client liaison for the sale, implementation, and support of cash management services, providing ongoing monitoring and assessment throughout the life of the relationship to enhance the user experience. I also help develop operations and marketing strategy for cash management products and services.       

What is the best analogy/metaphor to describe cash management to laymen?

CK: The best metaphor I’ve ever heard to describe cash management is a bathtub.

Bathtub= checking account

Water flowing in to the tub = collections

Water flowing out of the tub = disbursements 

Maintaining an even level of water is the foundation of successful cash management. Its tools and services properly balance collections and disbursements.

If you had to give an elevator pitch in 60 seconds to persuade a business owner to use cash management services, what would you say?

CK: Cash management is your compass. It provides a roadmap for your business.

What’s your absolute favorite cash management service and why?

CK: I suppose I am partial to online banking because I started there and have seen it evolve over the years. It’s a dynamic service, and business owners cannot ignore the importance of having transactional information at their fingertips.

What do you do to de-stress during the hectic work day?

CK: My Mom was stricken with Alzheimer’s 11 years ago. Every day after work I visit her in the nursing home to care for her and spend time with her before going home. This is my quiet time and where the greatest part of my service is spent. My day always ends with thanksgiving and praise.

Describe each of your colleagues in just one word.

CK: If my colleagues were Disney movie characters:

  • Bernadette – Simba (The Lion King)
  • Anthony – Aladdin (Aladdin)          
  • Sarra – Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
  • Trevor (summer intern) – Cogsworth (Beauty and the Beast)

Do you have anything else to add?

CK: I love what I do and have a great working relationship with my manager and co-workers.  Since I spend most of my waking hours at work, I am fortunate to be in a place that I look forward to going to every morning.

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