Provident Ca$h Back CheckingSM

Earn an amazing 1.50% Cash Back1 NOW!


It's an avalanche of cash back! It might even be more cash back than you'll know what to do with. 


Unlimited 1.50% cash back on the total amount of eligible signature-based point-of-sale (POS) transactions1


ATM fee refunds nationwide1


FREE Mobile Banking with Mobile Check Deposit2


No monthly minimum balance requirements3 or monthly service fees

1Cash Back rewards credited to your account will equal the total amount of eligible signature-based point-of-sale purchase transactions posted to and cleared through your Provident Ca$h Back Checking account each statement period multiplied by a factor of 1.50% (.0150). This Cash Back rewards factor is variable and may change at our discretion. To qualify for Provident Cash Back Checking cash rewards and domestic ATM fee/surcharge refunds, you must fulfill the following qualification requirements: conduct ten (10) signature-based point-of-sale purchases using your Provident Debit MasterCard – these purchase transactions must post and clear your account within one (1) statement period; have one (1) direct deposit or one (1) automatic debit per statement period posted to and cleared through your account; establish and maintain ProvidentConnect Online Banking relationship through which your account statement will be delivered/available; and elect to receive your periodic account statements electronically via ProvidentConnect Online Banking. Qualifying point-of-sale signature-based transactions must be posted to and cleared through your Provident Ca$h Back Checking account as of the last business day of the statement period. Cash Back rewards will be redeemed, deposited and available on the first business day of the following statement period. Cash back will be paid provided that the Provident Ca$h Back Checking qualification requirements are met in the corresponding statement period. If you do not meet the qualification requirements for a statement period, your account will still function as a free checking account; however, it will not receive cash back or ATM fee refunds for that statement period. 2Message and data rates may apply. Please consult your mobile carrier for details. 3No minimum account balance required, however, you must deposit a minimum of $50 to open this account. Available to consumer/personal account holders only.